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PCPS MaxHelp! is a Mac Service Provider located in Boonton, New Jersey. In business since 1992, we provide Macintosh Help! Taking on new technicians and new technologies, offering improved services and dedicating ourselves more than ever to customer satisfaction.

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As a Mac Service Provider, we don't just know how to plug those Macs in, we repair, upgrade, and service Apple products. We solve problems both with Apple and 3rd party products, applications and beyond. If you have any issues, we can certainly help you.

From student laptops to home computers, from a one man shop to Fortune 500 companies, we literally are your one stop source. With our new store in Boonton, we have the same passion that we started with. In business for 29 years, and being power users in virtually everything Mac, our expertise comes from over 60 combined years of hands on experience.

We have on staff Apple certified service technicians, each with our own specialty and passion. This is just a small slice of what we bring to the table making us one of the leading Independent Service Providers in the state.

Word of mouth is by far our most powerful method of advertisement, so to that end, we ensure we keep only the best and friendliest technicians to help you in your time of need. We understand that keeping our clients happy is key to helping us grow. We are here for you.

Consulting with our clients is how to move ahead with the new technology that constantly bombards the market is a large portion of what we do. From how to handle data backups to maintaining the infrastructure of an email system or making sure we do not put programs onto a system that may interfere with applications already installed.

From on-site contracts to the one time customers, we have to be the TOTAL SOLUTION.

Average response time to an urgent call is usually between 1-2 hours, but we are always able to satisfy each customer’s need. Curtailing issues before they arise is what we pride ourselves on. Being proactive and aware of issues is our main philosophy.

Our customers return over and over should they need us, it is our indicator that we simply need to keep offering more of the same great service.

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