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Pam B. (Aug. 2021)

I had a very good experience at MaxHelp!.
I bought a MacPro laptop and I needed to transfer all my files from my old laptop, which couldn't be charged to the new one. I am 70 years old and really don't know too much about how to do this. My daughter recommended this shop to help me.
I called and was able to bring it the next day. I waited while Ed worked on both laptops. When it was all set up Ed gave me some instructions on how to back up the computer. He also told me to call or email him if I had any other or problems.
I never had such service in any other store. They always made me feel stupid because I didn't understand what they were saying. 
I have recommended MaxHelp! to my family and friends.

Kevin F. (April. 2021)

Fixed my iMac right up and upgraded for a fair price and within a good time frame.

Kathryn O. (Feb. 2021)

They are so helpful and knowledgable. I have been using their services for years and many times when it is a quick fix they do not even charge. I HIGHLY recommend this shop, Boonton is very lucky to have them.

Schuyler T. (Feb. 2021)

This was singlehandedly the best customer service experience of my life. I needed my old MacBook repaired and every other place I went, they were asking $140-$150. Ed said he would do it for $40.BUT THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING...He noticed that my battery was totally shot so he replaced it for free. He also notice my trackpad was faulty. I told him he had done enough and I don't need it repaired. So what did Ed do? He gave me an extra trackpad for me to install when I wanted to. Ed said it would take 2 hrs for the repair. It took 30 mins!!!Seriously made a loyal customer for life and made believe in the human race again! SHOP SMALL BUSINESS!!!THANK YOU ED!!!

Michael P. (Sept. 2020)

Friends in the IT industry saw my iMac beach balling and told me to call Ed at MaxHelp. In a few hours he replaced the hard drive with a solid state one, added memory, cleaned out random software remnants, installed malware protection, and upgraded some other applications and utilities. The aging machine runs like new for a very reasonable price.

Matt H. (July. 2020)

I called the owner of the shop and he was helpful and friendly. I bought an Airport Extreme router from him for my mom. I'm with clients for the day and she needed to get her work done asap so he even setup the network for her since she was uncomfortable with the process! So all she had to do was go home and plug it in. I will definitely be recommending MaxHelp to fellow Apple users. Thanks!

Melissa B. (Jan. 2020)

I have reached out to these guys multiple times. My first experience was in the summer of 2019 when my 2015 MacBook Pro screen completely died. Turns out an old water spill from years prior was the culprit. They gave me the hard truth: I needed a new computer. When I bought the new MacBook Pro, they helped me merge data and remove the previous hard drive. Whenever I have a computer question — or, more appropriately, a computer panic, they give me direction. These guys have Mac history and comprehension to explain why these machines do what they do and why they are compatible with this and not that. From a convenience perspective, I could not be happier to have them in Boonton. HUGE kudos to Ed, Mike, and the whole team.

Don F. (Jan. 2020)

I use no other service. Period. Put your Mac's service in the hands of MaxHelp. I've been a customer since 2005. I've had on-the-spot repairs and 24 hour service. No problem has gone unsolved and every issue and question is carefully explained to you. This is 100% perfect service in every way. Never go into an Apple store for anything other than to make a purchase! MaxHelp is everything computer service should be. I thank you for being there.

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